Pre WW1 British York Lancaster Regiment Named Scarlet Tunic and Mess Dress

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This is a good condition Pre WW1 British York and Lancaster Territorial Regiment Named Scarlet Tunic and Mess Dress. Nice set of doeskin officers tunics to Lt Bedial who ended up as a Major. Research information included with this lot on the individual. Lt pips in bullion on the full dress uniform with bullion T's at the bottom. WOW officers gilt collars with officers gilt buttons down the front. The liner is all present and has officers pattern buttons down the front. The vest has not shreded like they always do. No mothing on it that I can see. Comes with vintage pants that do not have a name in them. The officers sash is modern day but came with it. The officers mess dress has bullion collars and regimental buttons on it with Majors metal crowns and bullion T's on the shoulder. The vest has Gordon Highlanders buttons on it so I would assume that he had service with another unit at one time. In the pocket is the proper buttons still on the card they came on with tissue paper. The jacket is named but the vest is not. Nice gouping that would display very well and is flashy I accept all forms of payment. I ship all over the world. GST of 5% is applicable on all sales within Canada.

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