British India General Service Medal 3200 Trumpeter J Jackson 11th Hussars

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British India General Service Medal 3200 Trumpeter J Jackson 11th Hussars DCM Winner
India General Service 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Punjab Frontier 1897-98 (3200. Trumpeter. J. Jackson. 11th Hussars.) lacquered, edge nicks 

D.C.M. London Gazette 20 February 1918:

‘For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He showed the greatest coolness and initiative during the sinking of a troopship. He organised the evacuation of the troops so that no lives were lost.’

James Jackson was born in St. Peters, Jersey. He attested for the 11th Hussars, aged 15, at Aldershot, in June 1890. He was appointed Trumpeter the following year, and advanced to Sergeant Trumpeter in September 1900.

Jackson transferred as Staff Sergeant Major to the Nottinghamshire Yeomanry, in April 1910 (awarded L.S. & G.C. July 1908). As XI Hussars Journal of the time recorded:

‘The Regiment is the poorer by a valuable Non-Commissioned Officer and a thorough good sportsman in R.S.M. Jackson, who has been transferred to the permanent Staff of the “Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry.”

As a sportsman he was inevitably prominent in all branches, playing in the Regimental Football and Cricket team for many years, and in 1903 won the gold medal for the best “man at arms” in the Regiment, he was also the winner of innumerable prizes at various regimental sports.

At shooting he won the Colonel’s Cup in 1908, and many other prizes. He has left his name deep on the silver in the Mess, and although the Regiment’s loss is the Sherwood Rangers gain, we wish him the esteem and regard in his new billet which were always his in his old Regiment.’

Jackson advanced to Acting Regimental Sergeant Major, 29 January 1915, and served with the Regiment in the Egyptian theatre of war, from 27 April 1915. He was discharged 30 April 1918, having served 27 years and 309 days. He died at Aldershot in 1922.

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