WW2 US USS Lexington CV 2 Warship Pictoral 33 Reference Book


This is a new condition soft cover book, WW2 US, Warship Pictoral 33: USS Lexington CV-2, reference book, by Warship Pictoral. Total of 72 pages with lots of information and pictures. Great for reference. I ship all over the world. GST of 5% is applicable on all sales within Canada.

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The ‘WW2 US USS Lexington CV 2 Warship Pictorial 33 Reference Book’ is a comprehensive softcover volume dedicated to the illustrious USS Lexington CV-2, a crucial aircraft carrier in World War II. Authored by Warship Pictorial, this meticulously assembled reference book spans 72 pages, brimming with detailed information and an array of photographs that vividly capture the essence of this historic warship. It is an invaluable resource for historians, modelers, and maritime enthusiasts alike, providing in-depth insight into the operational history and intricate details of the Lexington. With its rich visual and textual content, this book serves as an essential addition to any WWII collection. Shipping is available worldwide, and a GST of 5% applies to all sales within Canada. Whether for educational purposes, hobbyist interests, or historical reference, this book stands out as a worthy investment.

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