WW2 US USN Navy Floatplanes Squadron Signal Aircraft No 203 SC Reference Book


This is a used softcover WW2 US USN Navy Floatplanes of World War 2 in Action Squadron Signal Aircraft No 203 Reference Book.  Total of 50 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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The ‘WW2 US USN Navy Floatplanes Squadron Signal Aircraft No 203 SC Reference Book’ is an invaluable resource for historians and aviation enthusiasts. This comprehensive softcover book delves into the vital role of US Navy floatplanes during World War II. Spanning 50 information-rich pages, it is part of the esteemed Squadron Signal series, known for their detailed aircraft profiles. The book features numerous photographs and illustrations, providing a vivid visual account of these essential naval aircraft. It covers various floatplane models, highlighting their development, deployment, and operational history. Despite being a used copy, the book remains a treasure trove of data and imagery, making it perfect for researchers, model builders, and anyone keen on understanding the technological and tactical advancements of WWII naval aviation. The insightful content is meticulously presented, making it an ideal reference guide for both novice readers and seasoned experts alike.


WW II (1939-45)





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