WW2 US USAAF B-24 Liberator Squadron Signal Softcover Reference Book


This is a used softcover WW2 US USAAF B-24 Liberator Squadron Signal Reference Book.  Total of 64 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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The ‘WW2 US USAAF B-24 Liberator Squadron Signal Softcover Reference Book’ is an invaluable resource for history enthusiasts and modelers alike. This used softcover book spans 64 pages, brimming with a wealth of information and an extensive collection of photographs. Delve into the storied legacy of the B-24 Liberator, one of the most iconic heavy bombers of World War II, through detailed narratives and visual documentation. Published by Squadron Signal, renowned for their authoritative reference publications, this book offers insights into the aircraft’s development, operational history, and the brave crews who flew them. Crisp, high-quality images complement the informative text, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the B-24’s role in the USAAF during the war. Whether you are a dedicated historian, modeler, or aviation enthusiast, this reference book is a treasure trove of knowledge, capturing the essence of one of WWII’s most remarkable aircraft.


WW II (1939-45)





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