WW2 US Modelling P-47 Thunderbolt Osprey SC Reference Book


WW2 US Modelling P-47 Thunderbolt Osprey SC Reference Book. Total of 80 pages with lots of photos and information

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The “WW2 US Modelling P-47 Thunderbolt Osprey SC Reference Book” is an indispensable guide for model builders and history enthusiasts alike. This comprehensive 80-page volume is packed with detailed photographs and an abundance of information, meticulously chronicling the P-47 Thunderbolt, one of the most formidable fighter aircraft of World War II. The reference book delves into various aspects of the P-47, providing clear, visual references that aid in the accurate recreation of this iconic plane. Whether you are seeking historical insights, technical specifications, or modeling tips, this book offers a wealth of valuable content, making it an essential addition to your library. Produced by Osprey, a publisher renowned for their authoritative military history publications, this softcover (SC) reference book promises to enhance your modeling experience and deepen your appreciation for this remarkable aircraft.


WW II (1939-45)



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United States



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