WW2 US British Germany 1945 From War to Peace Richard Bessel HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover WW2 US British Germany 1945 From War to Peace Richard Bessel Reference Book.  Total of 522 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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Dive into the historical journey of one of the most pivotal periods of the 20th century with the comprehensive reference book, “WW2 US British Germany 1945 From War to Peace” by Richard Bessel. This hardcover edition, spanning 522 pages, offers an in-depth exploration of the final months of World War II and the transition from conflict to peace. Richly illustrated with photographs, it provides a vivid portrayal of the experiences and contributions of American, British, and German forces during 1945. Bessel’s meticulous research brings to light the political, social, and military aspects that shaped the end of the war and the nascent stages of rebuilding Europe. Ideal for history enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of this transformative era, this reference book stands as a substantial resource for appreciating the nuances of international cooperation and conflict resolution.


WW II (1939-45)



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