WW2 US Army Finding Your Fathers War Jonathan Gawne Softcover Reference Book


This is a new softcover WW2 US Army Finding Your Fathers War Jonathan Gawne Reference Book.  Total of 396 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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‘WW2 US Army Finding Your Father’s War’ by Jonathan Gawne is an essential softcover reference book for those seeking to uncover the legacy of their fathers’ involvement in World War II. Spanning 396 pages, this comprehensive guide is brimming with detailed photographs and rich information, making it an invaluable resource for history enthusiasts and genealogists alike. Gawne meticulously compiles a wealth of knowledge about the US Army’s roles, battles, and daily life during the war, offering readers a vivid and insightful look into the past. Whether you are tracing family history or simply passionate about WWII, this book provides the tools and context needed to connect with the experiences of the Greatest Generation. Discover personal stories, historical contexts, and military records that bring the era to life, making it easier to piece together your family’s wartime narrative.

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