WW2 Soviet Prelude To Berlin Red Army’s Offensive Poland Germany Reference Book


This is a new hard cover British Cold War Warriors Duke Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment 1959-94 Reference Book. Total of 635 pages with lots of information. Great for reference. GST of 5% is applicable on all sales within Canada.

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“WW2 Soviet Prelude To Berlin: Red Army’s Offensive in Poland and Germany” is an authoritative reference book offering an in-depth analysis of the crucial Soviet military campaigns at the tail end of World War II. Covering the period leading up to the fall of Berlin, this comprehensive volume includes detailed accounts of strategic operations, battlefield tactics, and the pivotal battles in Poland and Germany. Richly illustrated with maps, photographs, and firsthand accounts, this 635-page hard cover book provides valuable insights into the Soviet strategies that hastened the end of the war in Europe. Essential for historians, students, and enthusiasts of military history, this meticulously researched work serves as a vital resource for understanding the complexities of the Red Army’s offensive maneuvers. For inquiries, please call: 647-436-0876. Note: A GST of 5% applies to all sales within Canada.

Reference Book

Reference Book

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