WW2 German US Lorraine 1944 OSPREY Campaign 75 SC Reference Book


WW2 German US Lorraine 1944 OSPREY Campaign 75 SC Reference Book, total no of pages 96, with lots of information and images. 

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The “WW2 German US Lorraine 1944” is an authoritative reference book from the esteemed OSPREY Campaign series, specifically No. 75, presented in a softcover format. Spanning 96 richly detailed pages, this book delves into the pivotal 1944 campaign in the Lorraine region, where German and American forces clashed with remarkable intensity. Packed with abundant historical information, it offers a comprehensive analysis of the strategies, battles, and military units involved. The text is complemented by an array of vivid images, including contemporary photographs, detailed maps, and illustrations that bring the campaign’s events to life. This edition serves as an invaluable resource for history enthusiasts, researchers, and modelers alike, providing deep insights into one of the critical confrontations of World War II. Whether you’re a seasoned historian or just beginning your exploration of WWII, this book is an essential addition to your collection.

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