WW2 German The Unknown Battle Metz 1944 Anthony Kemp Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover WW2 German The Unknown Battle Metz 1944 Anthony Kemp Reference Book.  Total of 250 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“WW2 German: The Unknown Battle Metz 1944” by Anthony Kemp is an essential hardcover reference for history enthusiasts and scholars. Delving into one of the less-publicized yet pivotal confrontations of World War II, this meticulously researched book unearths the strategic maneuvers and harrowing experiences of the battle for Metz. Spanning a comprehensive 250 pages, it offers a wealth of detailed information, enriched with numerous photographs, maps, and firsthand accounts. Kemp’s authoritative narrative sheds light on the complexities of the German defense and the Allied efforts to capture this fortress city. Whether you are an avid reader of military history or a professional researcher, this used hardcover edition stands as a valuable addition to any collection, providing insights and perspectives that deepen the understanding of this significant 1944 battle.


WW II (1939-45)



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