WW2 German NCO Sidearm Sword Knot 6th or 8th Company


WW2 German NCO Sidearm Sword Knot 6th or 8th Company

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The WW2 German NCO Sidearm Sword Knot for the 6th or 8th Company is a significant historical artifact from the Second World War. This intricately crafted piece was used by German Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) to adorn their sidearms, adding both functionality and a symbol of rank and unit identity. The sword knot, also known as a “Portepee,” is meticulously constructed with durable materials and displays distinctive markings indicating affiliation with either the 6th or 8th Company. Such items were not only practical—intended to secure the weapon to the NCO’s uniform—but also carried ceremonial importance, reflecting military tradition and pride. Collectors and history enthusiasts may find this artifact particularly valuable, as it embodies the era’s craftsmanship and offers a tangible connection to the personal equipment of German military personnel during one of the most significant periods in modern history.


WW II (1939-45)





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