WW2 German Navy Kriegsmarine Motor Transport Trade Patch


WW2 German Navy Kriegsmarine Motor Transport Trade Patch

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The “WW2 German Navy Kriegsmarine Motor Transport Trade Patch” is a historical insignia from the era of the Second World War, specifically representing the Motor Transport division of the German Kriegsmarine. This patch was worn by personnel responsible for the maintenance, operation, and logistics of motor vehicles within the naval forces. The design often features distinct Kriegsmarine motifs, such as anchors or eagles, combined with symbols indicative of motor transport duties. Made from durable fabric, the patch would be sewn onto the uniforms of sailors and officers involved in land-based transport and supply operations. Collectors and historians value this artifact for its intricate craftsmanship and its role in illustrating the extensive logistical network that supported Germany‚Äôs naval warfare efforts. Preserving such patches provides insight into the various support roles that contributed to the overall military strategy of the Kriegsmarine during the conflict.


WW II (1939-45)





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