WW2 German Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Steel Helmet Lot #836 ET62


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This original WW2 German Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Steel Helmet (Lot #836, size ET62) represents a significant piece of military history. Crafted from sturdy steel and characterized by its distinctive Luftwaffe decal, this helmet exemplifies the robust design of German combat gear from the era. The lot number #836 and maker’s mark ET62, indicating the size and manufacturer, authenticate its provenance. With its dark field-grey paint largely intact, this helmet shows moderate wear consistent with field use. An essential addition for collectors, the M40 helmet is renowned for its practicality and the historical insight it offers into the operational aspects of the Luftwaffe during World War II. This piece embodies both the craftsmanship of wartime equipment and the storied past of its wearers, making it a compelling artifact for enthusiasts of military history.

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