WW2 German Luftwaffe He 162 Waffen Arsenal No 85 GERMAN TEXT SC Reference Book


This is a used softcover WW2 German Luftwaffe He 162 The People’s Hunter Waffen Arsenal No 85 GERMAN TEXT Reference Book.  Total of 48 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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The ‘WW2 German Luftwaffe He 162 Waffen Arsenal No 85’ is a meticulously detailed reference book focused on the Heinkel He 162, also known as “The People’s Hunter.” Designed for aviation enthusiasts and historians, this softcover volume is written entirely in German and is part of the esteemed Waffen Arsenal series. Spanning 48 pages, the book offers a wealth of information complemented by numerous photographs, providing a comprehensive look at one of World War II’s most innovative jet fighters. Whether you are researching for academic purposes or simply fueling a passion for military aircraft, this well-illustrated and informative text is an invaluable addition to any collection. Dive into the technical aspects, operational history, and unique features of the He 162 through this expert compilation.


WW II (1939-45)





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