WW2 German Hitler 1936 to 1945 Nemesis Ian Kershaw Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover WW2 German Hitler 1936 to 1945 Nemesis Ian Kershaw Reference Book.  Total of 1115 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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Delve into the intricate history and rise of one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century with the hardcover reference book *WW2 German Hitler 1936 to 1945 Nemesis* by renowned historian Ian Kershaw. Spanning an impressive 1115 pages, this comprehensive volume offers a meticulous account of Adolf Hitler’s life and the devastating impact of his regime, from its zenith to its ultimate downfall. Richly illustrated with numerous photographs, it not only provides a detailed narrative but also visually captures the era. Whether you are a history student, researcher, or World War II enthusiast, this used hardcover edition is an invaluable addition to your collection, offering profound insights and a deep understanding of the complexities of Hitler’s Germany.


WW II (1939-45)





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