WW2 Canadian Officers Four Pocket Jacket 40 Chest


WW2 Canadian Officers Four Pocket Jacket 40 Chest, no internal pockets, not named, liner good

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This authentic WW2 Canadian Officers Four Pocket Jacket is a distinguished piece of military history, tailored for a 40 chest size. This classic jacket reflects the high standards and robust craftsmanship of wartime apparel, embodying the resilience and valor of Canadian officers during the Second World War. It features four external pockets, providing ample storage space and a practical design for field use. The interior, though minimalist with no internal pockets, boasts a well-preserved liner, highlighting the garment’s durability and careful maintenance over the decades. While the jacket is not named, it remains an evocative artifact, offering a tangible connection to the past. Ideal for collectors, historians, or enthusiasts of military memorabilia, this jacket is a timeless piece that captures a significant era in global history.

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