WW2 Canadian Hook Up Airborne Compendium Softcover Reference Book


This is a used softcover WW2 Canadian Hook Up The Canadian Airborne Compendium Bernd Horn and Michel Wyczynski Reference Book.  Total of 252 pages with lots of information.

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The “WW2 Canadian Hook Up Airborne Compendium Softcover Reference Book” is an essential resource for history enthusiasts and scholars alike, meticulously authored by Bernd Horn and Michel Wyczynski. Spanning 252 pages, this comprehensive volume delves into the valiant efforts and strategic operations of Canadian airborne forces during the Second World War. With a wealth of information, it encapsulates key events, detailed narratives, and critical analyses of Canada’s airborne contributions. Illustrated with an array of photographs, maps, and documents, this softcover edition brings to life the bravery and ingenuity of the soldiers who played pivotal roles in airborne missions. Whether you’re a dedicated historian or an avid reader intrigued by military history, this reference book provides profound insights and a deep understanding of Canada’s airborne operations in WW2. An invaluable addition to any collection, it offers both a detailed study and an engaging read.

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