WW2 Canadian Air Training Corps Pocket Button


WW2 Canadian Air Observation School Pocket ButtonĀ 

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The “WW2 Canadian Air Training Corps Pocket Button” is a historically significant artifact from the Second World War, representing the vital role Canada played in training aviators. This intricately designed button was part of the uniform worn by cadets and instructors of the Canadian Air Training Corps, an organization pivotal in preparing aircrew for duties in the Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The button features detailed engravings, including the Corps’ emblem, showcasing craftsmanship and symbolizing both national pride and military dedication. These buttons adorned pockets of uniforms, serving as functional yet decorative elements. Collectors and military history enthusiasts highly value such items for their authentic representation of Canada’s contributions to the war effort, specifically in the domain of air training. Owning a piece like the WW2 Canadian Air Training Corps Pocket Button offers a tangible connection to the bravery and commitment of those who served in the skies during a critical period in global history.


WW II (1939-45)







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