WW2 Canadian Air Observation School AOS Pocket Button


WW2 Canadian Air Observation School AOS Pocket Button

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The ‘WW2 Canadian Air Observation School AOS Pocket Button’ is a historical artifact from World War II, specifically associated with the Canadian Air Observation School (AOS). These pocket buttons were worn by cadets and officers who were training to become air observers, a critical role in the Royal Canadian Air Force during the war. The button, typically made of brass or other durable metals, features the distinct insignia of the Air Observation School, symbolizing the wearer’s commitment to aerial reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. These buttons served not only as part of the uniform but also as a badge of honor and dedication to their vital mission. Collectors and historians highly value these buttons for their rarity and the rich history they represent. Owning such a piece offers a tangible connection to the fierce bravery and skill of those who contributed to the Allied efforts in the skies during World War II.





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