WW2 Canadian 3 Inch Mortar Fuze Cut Away INERT


WW2 Canadian 3 Inch Mortar Fuze Cut Away INERT


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Discover a fascinating piece of World War II history with the Canadian 3 Inch Mortar Fuze Cut Away INERT. This educational artifact offers a unique glimpse into the inner workings of the ammunition used by Canadian forces during the war. Expertly cut away to reveal its intricate internal components, this mortar fuze provides invaluable insight for historians, collectors, and military enthusiasts. Designed for safety, the inert status of this item ensures it contains no active explosive material, making it a perfect display piece for museums or private collections. Please note that shipping is available within Canada only, in compliance with regulations. Add this extraordinary representation of wartime engineering to your collection and deepen your understanding of Canada’s military heritage.

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