WW2 British The Story of 79 Armoured Division Softcover Reference Book


This is a used softcover WW2 British The Story of 79 Armoured Division Reference Book.  Total of 314 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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‘WW2 British: The Story of 79 Armoured Division’ is an insightful softcover reference book that delves into the remarkable history of one of Britain’s most innovative and pivotal military units during World War II. Spanning 314 pages, it is packed with a wealth of detailed information, illustrative photographs, and historical accounts that bring to life the exploits and advancements of the 79 Armoured Division. From its formation and strategic importance to the groundbreaking use of specialized armored vehicles known as “Hobart’s Funnies,” this book provides a comprehensive narrative of the division’s crucial role in the Allied victory. Whether you are a historian, military enthusiast, or just have a keen interest in WWII, this meticulously compiled reference book offers an engaging and informative read, capturing the valor and ingenuity of the division’s troops.


WW II (1939-45)





Region of Origin

Great Britain

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