WW2 British RAF Short Sunderland Ken Delve Hard Cover Reference Book


WW2 British RAF Short Sunderland Ken Delve Hard Cover Reference Book. Total of 176 pages with lots of photos and information

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The “WW2 British RAF Short Sunderland” by Ken Delve is an essential hardcover reference book that delves deep into one of the most iconic maritime patrol aircraft of World War II. Spanning 176 pages, this comprehensive volume is rich with an abundance of photographs and detailed information, making it an invaluable resource for historians, aviation enthusiasts, and modelers alike. Ken Delve meticulously explores the development, operational history, and technical specifications of the Short Sunderland, highlighting its crucial role within the Royal Air Force’s Coastal Command. With insightful narratives and vivid imagery, readers are transported back to the era of daring maritime patrols and anti-submarine warfare. This book not only celebrates the engineering marvel of the Sunderland but also honors the bravery and dedication of the crews who flew these formidable aircraft. Perfect for your collection or research library, this hard cover edition stands as a tribute to a legacy of resilience and innovation in aviation history.

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