WW2 British RAF Navigator Wing Padded REPRODUCTION COPY


WW2 British RAF Navigator Wing Padded REPRODUCTION COPY

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Crafted to embody the spirit and precision of the Second World War, this WW2 British RAF Navigator Wing Padded Reproduction Copy is a meticulously detailed replica of the original Royal Air Force insignia. Designed for history enthusiasts, collectors, and re-enactors, it stands as a tribute to the brave navigators who played a crucial role during the war. The padded finish not only enhances its authentic appearance but also adds durability, making it a perfect addition to vintage military uniforms or display collections. Each wing is carefully embroidered to match the exact specifications of the period, ensuring a high-quality reproduction that honors the legacy of the RAF. Whether you’re adding to a historical collection or seeking the perfect piece for a re-enactment costume, this patch embodies the dedication and valor of wartime aviators.


WW II (1939-45)





Region of Origin

Great Britain

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