WW2 British Canadian Tradesman Sleeve Patch Insignia


WW2 British Canadian Tradesman Sleeve Patch Insignia 

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The WW2 British Canadian Tradesman Sleeve Patch Insignia is a distinguished emblem that represents the skilled tradesmen who served in the military during World War II. This patch was worn proudly on the uniforms of British and Canadian soldiers who brought their specialized skills to various essential roles, from mechanics and engineers to carpenters and blacksmiths. Crafted with precision, the insignia typically features a symbol that denotes the specific trade, surrounded by a border that may include additional identifying marks or colors. Collectors and military history enthusiasts value this insignia for its historical significance and the craftsmanship it represents. It serves as a testament to the vital contributions of tradesmen who provided critical support on the home front and in combat zones, ensuring the operational effectiveness of the Allied forces. This patch is not only a piece of military memorabilia but also a tribute to the dedication and expertise of wartime tradesmen.


WW II (1939-45)



Region of Origin

Great Britain



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