WW2 British Canadian Pick Axe Handle


WW2 British Canadian Pick Axe Handle

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The ‘WW2 British Canadian Pick Axe Handle’ is a historically significant artifact from the Second World War, epitomizing the utilitarian tools used by military forces. Crafted from durable hardwood, this pick axe handle was standard issue for British and Canadian troops, reflecting the rugged conditions these soldiers endured. With its robust construction, the handle was designed to withstand the harshest of environments, whether digging trenches, clearing obstacles, or aiding in mining operations crucial to wartime efforts. The handle’s ergonomic design ensured practicality and efficiency, vital for maintaining momentum in critical situations. Owning such an item offers a tangible connection to the era, evoking the resilience and resourcefulness of the troops. Collectors and historians alike value this piece for its authenticity and the vivid stories it represents from a pivotal time in world history.


WW II (1939-45)





Region of Origin

Great Britain

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