WW2 British Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge


WW2 British Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge

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The WW2 British Cameron Highlanders Cap Badge is a distinguished piece of military regalia that dates back to the Second World War. Belonging to the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, this badge epitomizes the proud heritage and valor of one of Britain’s most storied infantry regiments. The design typically features the iconic Cameron tartan entwined with the St. Andrew’s cross, overlaid with the crown, thistle, and the regiment’s motto. Made from durable materials such as brass, it was worn on the distinctive Tam o’ Shanter caps or Glengarries of the Highland soldiers. This cap badge not only served as a symbol of unity and morale for the soldiers who wore it, but also as a cherished memento for history enthusiasts and collectors today. Its intricate craftsmanship and historical significance make it a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and heroism of the Cameron Highlanders during WWII.


WW II (1939-45)





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