WW2 British 3rd Carabiniers Cap Badge Insignia


WW2 British 3rd Carabiniers Cap Badge Insignia

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The WW2 British 3rd Carabiniers Cap Badge Insignia is a striking and historically significant emblem dating back to the Second World War. This meticulously crafted badge was worn by the 3rd Carabiniers, also known as the Prince of Wales’s Dragoon Guards, a distinguished cavalry regiment of the British Army. The insignia typically features intricate detailing, often including symbols such as the Welsh dragon or other regimental motifs that exemplify the valor and storied heritage of the unit. Collectors and historians highly value these badges for their craftsmanship and the glimpses they offer into the gallant traditions and roles of the regiment during one of the most pivotal conflicts in modern history. Owning this piece of militaria not only honors the brave soldiers who served but also preserves a tangible connection to the past. Whether for personal collection or historical study, the 3rd Carabiniers Cap Badge remains a cherished artifact from the era.


WW II (1939-45)



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