WW1 US AEF 5th Division Steel Helmet


WW1 US AEF 5th Division Steel Helmet

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The ‘WW1 US AEF 5th Division Steel Helmet’ is a remarkable artifact from World War I, used by the American Expeditionary Forces’ 5th Division. This steel helmet is emblematic of the bravery and history of the soldiers who wore it during some of the most grueling battles of the Great War. Crafted from robust steel, it provided much-needed protection against shrapnel and other battlefield hazards. The helmet bears the distinctive insignia of the 5th Division, a red diamond, making it a significant piece not only for its utility but also for its historical symbolism. Collectors and historians alike treasure this helmet for its connection to the courageous efforts of the 5th Division, which was instrumental in several key operations. Owning this helmet is like holding a piece of living history, a tribute to the valor and sacrifice of the soldiers who served during one of the most pivotal conflicts of the 20th century.


WW I (1914-18)



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United States



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