WW1 German Aircraft of the First World Gray and Thetford HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover WW1 German Aircraft of the First World Peter Gray and Owen Thetford Reference Book.  Total of 600 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“WW1 German Aircraft of the First World: Gray and Thetford HC Reference Book” is an essential resource for aviation enthusiasts and historians alike. Authored by distinguished experts Peter Gray and Owen Thetford, this comprehensive hardcover book spans 600 pages, meticulously detailing the diverse range of German aircraft that served during World War I. Richly illustrated with numerous photographs, the book provides in-depth insights into the design, development, and operational service of these aircraft, offering a vivid glimpse into the technological advancements and strategic innovations of the era. Whether you are a seasoned historian, a model aircraft builder, or simply intrigued by aviation history, this volume serves as an invaluable reference, presenting well-researched information in a clear, engaging manner. Explore the evolution of early 20th-century aviation with this detailed and visually captivating guide.


WW I (1914-18)



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