WW1 Canadian CEF Horse Saddle Strap 57 Inches


WW1 Canadian CEF Horse Saddle Strap 57 Inches, not intended for riding use.

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The “WW1 Canadian CEF Horse Saddle Strap 57 Inches” is a remarkable piece of history from the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War I. Measuring 57 inches in length, this leather strap was originally part of the equestrian equipment used by Canadian soldiers. Though it is no longer suitable for riding purposes, its robust construction and weathered appearance tell a story of military life and the vital role of horses in the war effort. Collectors and history enthusiasts will appreciate the authenticity and historical significance of this artifact. Whether displayed in a collection, museum, or as a unique decorative piece, this saddle strap offers a tangible connection to the era and the brave soldiers who served.


WW I (1914-18)





Region of Origin

United States

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