WW1 Canadian CEF Forestry Battalion Collar Badge Insignia Single


WW1 Canadian CEF Forestry Battalion Collar Badge Insignia Single

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This distinguished World War I Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Forestry Battalion Collar Badge Insignia exemplifies the valor and expertise of the Forestry Battalions, which were critical to the war effort. Crafted during the Great War, this single collar badge is a rare and unique artifact representing the soldiers who were responsible for producing the timber and lumber essential for trenches, railways, and other wartime infrastructure. The badge likely features intricate engravings and symbols signifying the battalion’s identity, reflecting the pride and honor of Canadian forestry troops who bravely served on foreign soil. Whether you’re a collector of military memorabilia or a history enthusiast, this piece offers a tangible link to the past, bringing to life the stories of courage and resilience of those who contributed to Allied victory through their specialized skills and hard work. Perfect for display or historical study, this insignia is a valuable addition to any collection.


WW I (1914-18)







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