WW1 Canadian CEF 201st Battalion Collar Single


WW1 Canadian CEF 201st Battalion Collar Single missing the lugs on the back

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The “WW1 Canadian CEF 201st Battalion Collar Single” is an evocative artifact from the First World War, specifically representing the 201st (Toronto Light Infantry) Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. This distinctive collar badge, though missing its original lugs on the reverse, carries the rich history and valor of the soldiers who served in this unit. The emblem is a poignant reminder of the battalion’s role and contributions during the tumultuous years of the Great War. Each badge was worn proudly by its bearer as a symbol of identity and duty, reflective of the courage and commitment of the Canadian forces. Collectors and historians alike treasure such pieces, as they encapsulate the personal and collective stories of bravery and sacrifice from a defining period in Canadian military history. This artifact is not just a piece of metal, but a tangible connection to the legacy of the soldiers of the 201st Battalion.

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