WW1 British BEF 28th Territorial County of London Shoulder Title Single


WW1 British BEF 28th Territorial County of LondonĀ  Shoulder Title Single

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This relic from World War I is a single shoulder title from the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), specifically for the 28th Territorial County of London. Proudly worn on the uniforms of these dedicated soldiers, this brass insignia signifies their allegiance and service. The 28th (County of London) Battalion was affiliated with the London Regiment, known for its valor and significant contributions during the Great War. This shoulder title, marked by the regiment’s unique design, is a poignant memento of the soldiers’ bravery and the era they lived through. Collectors and historians alike value such pieces for their historical significance and the personal stories they represent. Owning this shoulder title provides a tangible connection to Britain’s military heritage, offering a glimpse into the life of those who served in one of the most pivotal conflicts in modern history.

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