US USMC Vietnam Payback Five Marines After Vietnam Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover US USMC Vietnam Payback Five Marines After Vietnam Reference Book.  Total of 351 pages with lots of information.

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Dive into the compelling story of five brave Marines and their harrowing experiences during and after the Vietnam War with this in-depth reference book, ‘US USMC Vietnam Payback: Five Marines After Vietnam.’ This used hardcover gem spans 351 pages, packed with detailed accounts and valuable information. It meticulously chronicles the personal journeys of these soldiers, shedding light on their acts of valor, the trauma they faced, and how they sought vengeance and justice in the years following their service. Perfect for historians, military enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the Vietnam War, this book provides an intimate, firsthand glimpse into the challenges and resilience of the USMC veterans. An essential addition to any collection, it offers a profound reflection on war and its aftermath.

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