US USMC Vietnam Marine Sniper Charles Henderson Softcover Reference Book


This is a used softcover US USMC Vietnam Marine Sniper Charles Henderson Reference Book.  Total of 315 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“US USMC Vietnam Marine Sniper: Charles Henderson Softcover Reference Book” is a vital resource for history enthusiasts and military aficionados alike. This comprehensive 315-page volume delves into the harrowing experiences and remarkable skill of USMC snipers during the Vietnam War, with a special focus on the legendary Charles Henderson. Authored with meticulous detail, the book offers a thorough exploration of sniper tactics, missions, and personal accounts, providing an in-depth understanding of the war from a sniper’s perspective. It features numerous photographs that vividly bring to life the intense conditions and vivid stories of camaraderie and conflict. Ideal for researchers, military historians, and collectors, this softcover edition is rich with factual content and interpretative insights that make it a significant addition to any collection. Whether as an instructional reference or an evocative historical account, this book offers a powerful portrayal of bravery and precision in one of the most challenging chapters of military history.

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