US USMC The United States Marines Today Kathleen Jaeger Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover US USMC The United States Marines Today Kathleen Jaeger Reference Book.  Total of 96 pages with lots pictures and information.

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“US USMC The United States Marines Today” by Kathleen Jaeger is an insightful hardcover reference book that delves into the modern-day operations, culture, and impact of the United States Marine Corps. This comprehensive guide spans 96 pages, filled with vivid photographs and extensive information, bringing the current state of the USMC to life. Ideal for military enthusiasts, historians, or anyone with a keen interest in the armed forces, this book provides an in-depth look at the bravery, dedication, and intricate operations of marines today. Authored by Kathleen Jaeger, it offers a reliable and detailed resource for understanding the pivotal role that the USMC plays in national and global security. Whether for casual reading or academic purposes, this used copy remains a valuable addition to any collection, encapsulating the spirit and professionalism of one of America’s foremost military branches.





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