US Multnomah County Oregon Police Patch


US Multnomah County Oregon Police Patch

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The Multnomah County, Oregon Police Patch is an emblem that represents the law enforcement agency serving Multnomah County, which includes the city of Portland and its surrounding areas. This distinctive patch showcases the pride and professionalism of the officers who protect and serve the community. It typically features the county’s name prominently, along with symbolic imagery such as the county seal, landmarks, or natural elements like the majestic Mount Hood or the Willamette River, reflecting the region’s rich heritage and natural beauty. The patch’s detailed design and vibrant colors make it a recognizable symbol of safety, diligence, and commitment to public service. For collectors and enthusiasts, the Multnomah County Police Patch stands as a meaningful artifact, capturing the essence of Oregon’s law enforcement history and the dedicated individuals who ensure the security and well-being of its residents.





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