US Holderness New Hampshire Police Patch


US Holderness New Hampshire Police Patch

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The US Holderness New Hampshire Police Patch is a distinctive emblem representing the law enforcement community of Holderness, a picturesque town nestled in the lakes region of New Hampshire. This patch typically features intricate embroidery that highlights key elements of Holderness, such as its natural landscapes, including scenic lakes and mountainous terrain. The design may incorporate symbols like the state seal of New Hampshire or imagery associated with the town’s heritage and commitment to public safety. The patch serves as a badge of honor for the dedicated officers who uphold the laws and protect the citizens of Holderness, symbolizing their service, integrity, and dedication. Often worn on the uniform’s shoulder, this patch signifies the pride and unity of the Holderness Police Department, connecting officers to the community they serve and to their fellow law enforcement professionals across the state and nation.




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