US Civil War Appomattox Court House Soft Cover Reference Book


US Civil War Robert E Lee Civil War General Soft Cover Reference Book.  Total of 125 Pages with lots of photos and information.

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Discover the defining moments of American history with the ‘US Civil War Appomattox Court House Soft Cover Reference Book.’ This comprehensive guide delves into the events leading up to the pivotal surrender at Appomattox Court House, marking the end of the Civil War. Spanning 125 meticulously detailed pages, this book is enriched with numerous photographs and in-depth information that bring this historic period to life. It’s an essential reference for history enthusiasts, students, and educators looking to gain a deeper understanding of General Robert E. Lee’s surrender and its significant impact on the nation. Designed for easy reading and portability, the soft cover format ensures that you can take this treasure trove of knowledge wherever you go. Uncover the stories behind the strategies, battles, and key figures that shaped the conclusion of the Civil War with this invaluable resource.

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