US British Command at War Martin Van Creveld Reference Book


A used hard cover US British Command at War Martin Van Creveld Reference Book. Total of 339 pages with lots of information

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“US British Command at War: Martin Van Creveld Reference Book” offers an insightful and comprehensive analysis of military strategies and command structures during pivotal conflicts. Authored by esteemed military historian Martin Van Creveld, this hardbound edition spans 339 pages and delves deep into the operational intricacies and strategic doctrines employed by US and British forces. The book is brimming with detailed information, making it an invaluable resource for military enthusiasts, historians, and scholars. It covers various aspects of command and control, illustrating the evolution of military tactics in the context of joint operations. Whether you’re a collector of military literature or someone keen on understanding the complexities of wartime leadership, this reference book promises to be a compelling addition to your library.

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