US Bismarck North Dakota Police Patch 2


US Bismarck North Dakota Police Patch 2

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The “US Bismarck North Dakota Police Patch 2” is a distinctive emblem representing the dedicated law enforcement officers of Bismarck, the capital city of North Dakota. This patch features intricate embroidery that incorporates elements symbolic of the city’s rich history and commitment to public safety. Central to its design is the official seal of Bismarck, flanked by bold, authoritative colors that honor the spirit of service and protection. The patch serves not only as an identifier for the police force but also as a symbol of pride and integrity within the community. Collectors and enthusiasts alike value this patch for its craftsmanship and the significance it holds in representing the brave men and women who uphold the law in Bismarck. Whether you’re a resident, a supporter of law enforcement, or a collector of police memorabilia, this patch captures the essence of civic duty and regional pride.




North Dakota

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