US Army M103 Heavy Tank Visual History America’s Only 1950 to 70 Reference Book


This is a new softcover US Army M103 Heavy Tank A Visual History of America’s Only Operational Heavy Tank 1950 to 70 Reference Book.  Total of 284 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“US Army M103 Heavy Tank Visual History: America’s Only Operational Heavy Tank Reference Book (1950-1970)” provides an in-depth exploration of the formidable M103, the United States’ only operational heavy tank during the mid-20th century. This comprehensive softcover volume spans 284 pages, packed with extensive photographs and detailed information that bring the history and specifications of the M103 to life. Richly illustrated, the book offers a rare glimpse into the development, deployment, and operational use of this iconic tank from its inception in the 1950s through its service life into the 1970s. Ideal for historians, military enthusiasts, and model builders, this reference book combines visual and textual elements to deliver a thorough understanding of the M103’s role in America’s armored forces. Whether you’re delving into the technical aspects or simply admiring the impressive visuals, this crucial resource is essential for appreciating the legacy of the M103 Heavy Tank.


Korea (1950-53)





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