Semblance Of Peace Political Settlement After WW2 Hard Cover Reference Book


British National Maritime Museum The Ship Long And Round HC Reference Book, total no of pages 878, with lots of information and photographs.

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“Semblance Of Peace: Political Settlement After WW2” is a comprehensive hardcover reference book that delves into the intricate political agreements and the fragile balance of power that emerged following the Second World War. Spanning 878 pages, this meticulously researched volume offers an in-depth analysis of the treaties, negotiations, and diplomatic efforts that sought to restore stability in a war-torn world. Rich with detailed information and supplemented by numerous photographs, this book provides a vivid portrayal of the political landscape of the era. An indispensable resource for historians, students, and anyone interested in the post-war reconstruction and international relations, this text sheds light on the complex processes that shaped the modern world.

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