Portuguese Airborne The Paras No AAW No 28 Softcover Reference Book


This is a new softcover Portuguese Airborne The Paras No AAW No 28 Reference Book.  Total of 70 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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“Portuguese Airborne The Paras No AAW No 28” is a meticulously compiled softcover reference book that delves into the distinguished history and operations of the Portuguese Airborne Forces. Spanning 70 pages, this book is richly illustrated with numerous photographs that vividly capture the essence of the Portuguese paratroopers, also known as “The Paras.” It provides in-depth information and insights into their equipment, training, missions, and significant contributions to military operations. Ideal for historians, modelers, and military enthusiasts, this reference book offers a comprehensive look at the courageous and tactical prowess of these airborne units. With a detailed narrative and visual documentation, “Portuguese Airborne The Paras No AAW No 28” serves as an essential resource for anyone interested in the legacy and ongoing traditions of Portugal’s elite airborne forces.


Vietnam (1961-75)





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