Mexican Generals in the Palacio The Military in Modern Mexico HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover Mexican Generals in the Palacio The Military in Modern Mexico Roderic Ai Camp Reference Book.  Total of 278 pages with lots of information.

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“Mexican Generals in the Palacio: The Military in Modern Mexico” is a comprehensive reference book by Roderic Ai Camp, offering an in-depth analysis of the pivotal role played by the military in shaping contemporary Mexico. Encased in a sturdy hardcover, this extensively researched work spans 278 informative pages, making it an essential resource for scholars, historians, and anyone interested in Mexico’s political and military landscape. Camp’s expertise sheds light on the influence of Mexican generals within the Palacio Nacional, elucidating their impact on governance, policy-making, and national security. This well-documented account is not only a homage to the generals who have steered the nation through tumultuous times but also a critical examination of their continuing legacy in modern Mexican society. Whether you are delving into Mexican history for academic purposes or personal interest, this reference book promises to be a valuable addition to your collection.





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