Israel Israeli A Soldiers Diary Sinai 1967 Lt Yael Dayan HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover Israel Israeli A Soldiers Diary Sinai 1967 Lt Yael Dayan Reference Book.  Total of 127 pages with lots of information.

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“Israel Israeli: A Soldier’s Diary, Sinai 1967 by Lt. Yael Dayan” is a compelling firsthand account that delves into the Israel-Egypt conflict during the Six-Day War. This hardcover reference book, spanning 127 pages, offers an intimate glimpse into the experiences of Israeli soldiers through the eyes of Lt. Yael Dayan. Blending personal narratives with historical context, Dayan captures the intensity, challenges, and emotions of the battlefield in Sinai. Rich in detail, the diary provides invaluable insights into military strategies, daily life, and the overall impact of the war on those who lived through it. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a student of military studies, or someone interested in Middle Eastern affairs, this book serves as a vital resource that documents an essential chapter of Israeli history. With its authentic recounting and detailed information, “A Soldier’s Diary” stands as a poignant testament to courage and resilience in a time of conflict.


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