German A History of Prussia H W Koch Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover German A History of Prussia H W Koch Reference Book.  Total of 326 pages with lots of information.

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“German: A History of Prussia” by H.W. Koch is an insightful and comprehensive reference book, presented in a durable hardcover format. Spanning 326 pages, it delves deeply into the rich and complex history of Prussia, offering readers an extensive collection of information and analysis. Ideal for history enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone with a keen interest in German history, this work illuminates the political, social, and cultural evolution of Prussia. H.W. Koch, a respected historian, meticulously details the key events, influential figures, and pivotal moments that shaped Prussia’s legacy. Despite being a used book, it maintains its value as a substantial academic resource. Whether for casual reading or scholarly research, this reference book serves as a valuable addition to any history lover’s library.


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