French Louis the 14th The Other Side of the Sun Hardcover Reference Book


This is a used hardcover French Louis the 14th The Other Side of the Sun Prince Michael of Greece Reference Book.  Total of 447 pages with lots of information.

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Immerse yourself in the grandeur and complexities of French history with “French Louis the 14th: The Other Side of the Sun” by Prince Michael of Greece. This used hardcover reference book provides an in-depth exploration of King Louis XIV, one of France’s most enigmatic and influential monarchs. Spanning 447 pages, it is rich with detailed information, captivating narratives, and insightful commentary that shed light on both the public and private spheres of Louis XIV’s life and reign. The book offers a comprehensive look at the Sun King’s political maneuvers, cultural impact, and personal endeavors, making it an invaluable resource for historians, students, and enthusiasts of French history. Authored by Prince Michael of Greece, this biography combines meticulous research with engaging storytelling, revealing the lesser-known facets of Louis XIV’s rule. Discover the splendor and intrigue of 17th-century France through a meticulously detailed account found in this extraordinary reference book.





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