Commonwealth War Graves Commission The Immortal Heritage HC Reference Book


This is a used hardcover Commonwealth War Graves Commission The Immortal Heritage Reference Book.  Total of 80 pages with lots of pictures and information.

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The “Commonwealth War Graves Commission: The Immortal Heritage HC Reference Book” is an essential hardcover reference for anyone interested in the poignant legacy of those who served and sacrificed in times of war. This comprehensive 80-page guide is replete with vivid photographs and detailed information, offering a profound exploration of the graves and memorials maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It provides historical context, insights into the commission’s work, and stories of the individuals commemorated, reflecting on the enduring heritage of bravery and sacrifice. Ideal for historians, researchers, and those with a personal connection to war history, this reference book is a valuable resource that brings to life the solemn beauty and significance of war graves across the Commonwealth. Despite being a used copy, it remains a treasure trove of knowledge and remembrance.





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